Organise it … Battery Box

If you have children, please tell me you have a Battery Box?  The more kids I have, the more toys seem to have batteries.  I was either running out, or they were coming out of my ears.  I read about setting up a Battery Box about 8 years ago, and there has been no looking back.  Yes you could make a very pretty box, but you guessed it, I don’t have time for that.  I grabbed an old shoe box, filled it up with a selection of my most used batteries, a charger, and a set of mini screw drivers.  These have been amazing.  They fit all those teeny little screws that come with kids toys.  I keep the Battery Box in a cupboard that’s easy to access (and now the big kids are getting older, they can get the box out themselves if they need too) so batteries are easily changed there and then.  TIP: I stock up on batteries when they are on sale or I buy in bulk at Costco.


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