Body by Bex – Feel Good Flapjacks




50 g coconut oil

2 tbsp smooth peanut or almond butter

3 tbsp honey or maple syrup

2 ripe bananas, mashed

1 apple, peeled and grated

250 g organic rolled oats

85 g dried apricots, chopped

100 g raisins

85 g mixed seeds



Heat oven to 160C/ 140C fan/gas 3. Grease and line a 20cm square tin with baking paper. Heat oil, peanut or almond butter, and honey or maple syrup in a small pan until melted. Add the mashed banana, apple and 100ml hot water, and mix to combine.

Tip the oats, dried fruit and the seeds into a large bowl. Pour in the combined banana and apple mix and stir until everything is coated by the wet mixture. Tip into the cake tin, level the surface and bake for 55 mins until golden. Leave to cool in tin. Cut into 12 pieces to serve. They keep for up to 3 days in an airtight container in the fridge.



Tip: add 40g moist coconut flakes and sprinkle with cinnamon or once cooled drizzle with melted dark chocolate!

final wet mix


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