Hello, come in and stay awhile …


popart 2So a couple of months ago, at my second 40th celebration for the day A.K.A waay to much Champagne … it dawned on me.. what I could be doing at home for a bit of stimulation, whilst I mother my 3 gorgeous kids – BLOG (not the only mum with that idea right)?  My husband has just started commuting to Sydney and we are making the official move after Christmas, so with a baby in the house and a weekend husband,  do I really have time for this? Absolutely not, but all the same, I might just give it a go.  I have decided to launch Organised Chaos on a 6 month trial.. if you love it, and I can manage, we’ll be here to stay!  Organised Chaos has been designed for busy mums – with practical tips, ideas,  and people to inspire you, plus a few good recipes for good measure.  We aim for the majority of our ‘posts’ to be read in 1-3 mins, I mean who has got time to sit all day at a computer right?  I have some amazing people involved, and we hope that you enjoy Organised Chaos as much as we are enjoying putting it together for you. Keep an eye out for our contributors first posts available in the next 1-2 weeks.   I look forward to your comments, and if there is something you would like to see on here – send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.   If you like us, please share us.   Until next time …..  Myaka x


7 Responses to “Hello, come in and stay awhile …”

  1. Viv

    Sounds like your on to something here I have never blogged before ( also a busy mum of 3 ) but I am looking forward to reading what lies ahead ( and hey I might surprise myself and become abolgselfie lol . ” Look forward to what lies ahead ” 😊


    • myakahawkins

      Great to hear from you Viv – thanks for your vote of confidence, hopefully we can offer you some good tips for managing the kiddies .. but hopefully not too many that you have enough time to blog and give us even more competition!



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