The “Mrs” about town – The Brownlow Medal


I’m Allison and I’m the other half of  “Mrs” about town.  Proud mum of Hudson 7 and Ava 5.  I am very fortunate in my husbands line of work to be his +1 to many sporting and entertainment events.  The first I’d like to share with you is AFLs night of nights, “The Brownlow Medal”.


brownlow5 final


After many weeks of sourcing the right dress and 3 hours of undergoing  “The Glamification Process”  (mani, pedi, hair and make up), l was ready to walk the ‘Red Carpet’. Hubby and I were hoping to sneak through a side door as walking down the Red Carpet is very daunting with all those bright lights and cameras, but the only way in, was down that carpet!!  Arghrr!!

The champagne was flowing by 5.15pm… and I was very careful to pace myself, as a very looooong night lay ahead!
Dinner was served at a respectable 6.00pm (which suited all the ladies whom have starved themselves for the past week to fit into their dresses, me included).
brownlow final 2


At 8.45pm the live telecast began, with ‘Boom Crash Opera’ kicking off the night (talk about a blast from the past) and then here we go,  “Round 1, Collingwoodvs Sydney …”

23 loooong rounds later, a cheese platter, many more champagnes and not to forget a very humble Brownlow Medal winner Matt Priddis, it was finally time for the real party upstairs at Club 23 to begin.

Dancing til the wee hours of the morning was the finishing touch to a great night !




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