Work lunch – Mango Chicken Noodle Salad with Lime Dressing




1 large handful rice noodles, cooked

1/2 mango peeled and cubed

100g BBQ chicken, shredded

4 baby beetroots, roasted and quartered

1 handful edamame (soya beans)

1 handful toasted cashews

1 large handful coriander, roughly chopped

1 large handful mint, roughly chopped

3 radish, quartered


1/2 Lime, juice

1/2 chilli, finely chopped

2 tsp rice vinegar

1/2 tsp fish sauce

1/2 tsp palm sugar



In a Mason or similar large jar build your salad starting with the dressing at the bottom.  Next, add soya beans, chicken and noodles, then beetroot, mango, radish and mint followed by the cashews and finishing with the mint and coriander leaves.  Close the jar and transport upright.  When serving, tip ingredients on to a plate.



I saw this amazing salad in a jar made on Channel 10’s “The Living Room” a couple of weeks ago.  Not only did the salads sound amazing, but I love the concept.  By building your salad in the jar with the dressing at the bottom, your salad doesn’t go soggy.  Just take it to work, and tip out onto a plate.  Yummo.     Check out The Living Rooms factsheet here with additional salad combinations.


Source:  Channel 10’s, The Living Room

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