School holiday chaos


For the second week of the school holidays, we had a fabulous week planned in Sydney visiting dad.

This is how it actually went down..

A few days before we flew to Sydney, hubby informs me that on our first night in town, rather than catching up with an old school friend I hadn’t seen for 8 years, we needed to attend the Dally M’s (yep I wondered what the hell they were too).  You can read more about them here.  Thankfully we managed to secure an extra couple of seats on our table for the awards – so 2 birds, one stone!  Phew.

This was closely followed by me and the 3 heading to my brothers.  Would you believe the first night there Luke decide to cut not one, but 2 molars.  OMG, could I get any less sleep?  But it was up and at ’em, to go tree top climbing.  Shortly after  Zach got diarrhoea, and Luke, well just had lots of shyte.  Everytime I sat down from changing one, the other needed me.   I was in a sleep deprived pooh kind of state – the vodka was looking sooooooo good on their back deck in the sun.   I knew if I succumbed though, there would be all sorts of pain.  The next few days were a blur of lack of sleep, poor crying baby, bored older kids and a night on the tiles with hubby, weeeell we managed to get out for a couple of hours, but it wasn’t the baby that woke, but Ella… fever, vomit.

Thankfully Ella was well enough to fly home the next day.  I was very confident the airport would run smoothly with my new Mountain Buggy Nano travel stroller (click here to read review), but when the hostess said I couldn’t carry it on (it fits into your overhead luggage usually), I smelt trouble.  Qantas did arrange for a stroller to meet me on arrival at the arrival gate, which was fantastic – however the hostess waiting for me, gladly explained they were doing me a massive favour and that this was a one off, and pretty much, don’t expect it in future.  I say ‘what!’  So my question was, “you won’t let me take my own stroller onboard, so that I can help myself, and you won’t help me either?  Would you prefer that families with children didn’t fly your airline at all?”   I have been in touch with Qantas to ask them the same question, I’ll keep you posted on the answer.  Meanwhile, onboard,  I was doing my best to stop Luke on my knee from kicking the chair in front, he does it everywhere and anywhere.  I was feeling bad enough for the lady in front when I decided to open Ella’s drink bottle up and ‘whooosh’ a water fountain like no other.  It flew over the top of the chair with such force it drenched the lady in front.  We both screamed with fright at the same time.  I’ve never seen anything like it!   Apart from the luggage being delayed for 40 mins arrival, the rest was smooth sailing.  So good to be home!

There were a few attempts to get our first family photo with 5 kids.. the above was by far the best!  You may recognise young Ziggy, son of Body by Bex.  Yes, she is my fabulous sister-in-law.

..and whilst I’m up to my eyeballs.. its all smiles for hubby!  (Which has inspired me to start a new segment called  “my day/his day” click to view).

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