Body by Bex – Getting your body back


So much pressure is put on women now days to get their bodies back so soon after giving birth. It can be stressful, overwhelming & totally unrealistic!!

Here’s my top 5 rules that may or may not work for you after having a baby in the first 12 weeks….
1) Take your time! Your body takes over 9 months to have a baby, it may take that long if not longer to go back.
2) Be kind to yourself…. Don’t talk to yourself in a way that you wouldn’t expect from others.
3) Ditch the scales…. It’s just a number so why let it dictate the mood you may be in for the rest of your day.
4) Replace that sugary snack for a bowl of fresh fruit salad & natural yogurt, honey & chia seeds.
5) Get outside and exercise, even if it’s a walk.  Take it slowly but even a small walk and some sunshine will get you feeling good.



TRAINING TIP:  Find a baby/child friendly bootcamp or fitness facility so you can meet other like minded mums, share your experiences, find support, make new friends and best of all get to exercise whilst you have your kids with you.


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FITNESS FACT:  Exercise boosts brainpower!! Yep it’s true….. Studies show exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity!
FITNESS FACT: Zucchini’s contain vitamins A & C.  They also contain potassium and calcium!  The flavour of a Zucchini is best when it’s less than 6 inches long!


Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.



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