The Gluten File – Gluten Free Substitutes


When I bake gluten free, I tend to use recipes that have been designed to be gluten free rather than experimenting, since gluten free substitutes often behave slightly differently to regular flours.

You’ll often find GF products are more crumbly because they’re missing the binding qualities present in gluten.

If you do want to adjust a great recipe you’ve come across, there are some easy swaps you can make.

For example:

Oats: can usually be subbed with quinoa flakes (or whole quinoa if it’s a recipe like a porridge).

Baking flour: instead of using packaged gluten free flour (which will generally be highly processed and have minimal nutrients), use a mixture of two parts buckwheat flour to one part almond meal (this also gives a much higher protein content). Or just use all almond meal (although this will be much denser).

To thicken gravies, sauces, stews, stir fries, use a 1:1 mix of pure cornflour or arrowroot with water (usually a tablespoon of each).

For crumbing fish or meats, use rice flour.

Instead of soy sauce use wheat free tamari.

Instead of pasta, serve sauce with rice or rice noodles (or use vege “noodles” like zucchini).

• Use polenta or quinoa instead of cous cous.



If you really want to delve into the different GF flours, check out this post from Gluten free Goddess


Here is one of my favourite GF cookie recipes, thanks to the amazing girls at Pinkfarm.  It’s a nice healthy take on an old favourite.


Happy cooking.


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