So what is a Thermomix?


I am a big fan of the Thermomix, and as we are including a Thermomix recipe category on Organised Chaos, I thought those of you who don’t know what a Thermomix is – might like the low down.

The consultant who I purchased my machine from has done a great job of spelling it all out for us below.  Take it away Chonny …


There’s been a great deal of interest in the new Thermomix TM5 model, that was released globally on 6th September 2014.  The release has seen unprecedented demand around the world; with record sales.  (With close to 10,000 sales just last month, compared to 10,000 sales in the first 10 years (released 2001 in Australia) and then 10,000 sales in the following year alone).

There are some people who are not aware of what a Thermomix does; and others that may need a refresher – so here’s a quick overview.

The Thermomix can:

*Juice   *Mince  *Blend  *Grind  *Whisk  *Chop  *Beat  *Saute  *Mill  *Puree  *Weigh  *Steam  *Cook  *Mix  *Knead  *Grate

unnamed (2)

All of those functions in the one kitchen appliance – you can see why we call it “the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen”.  But what are the different features of the new TM5?

The new touch screen and integrated recipe chip has everyone talking.   The touch screen is intuitive to use and simple to follow.  It allows for manual cooking; or the new guided and automatic cooking functions through the recipe chip.  There’s one easy dial to use; with an instant stop if you press the button (no need to turn down the dial)  Easy to use and an ergonomic design.

The basic cookbook that is included with the Thermomix comes with over 180 recipes; and all of them are also included on the recipe chip.  The next Recipe Chip that will become available (hopefully before Christmas) is the “Cooking for me and you” recipe book; with additional recipes available on the new release too.

So 3 modes of cooking now:

1.  Manual – following (or creating) the recipes; and setting your time; temperature and speed yourself.

2.  Guided Cooking – the new TM5 comes with a recipe chip; with more books being converted to chips in the future.  You can look up the recipe you’re after and follow the on-screen step by step instructions to complete the recipe.  It’s great if you’ve got a small kitchen (no need for room for the recipe book); and you don’t have to keep track of what step you’re up to – the Thermomix keeps you on track!

3.  Automatic Cooking – there’s a few recipes to start with – Custard; Rice and Yoghurt.  You simply weigh in the ingredients as the Thermomix requests; and the Thermomix does the rest.  It even pot sets the yoghurt keeping it warm overnight (although still a thinner consistency to what many of us are used to in Australia).


I’ve always wanted a second Thermomix; and now I’m the lucky owner of two Thermomixes – it felt like Christmas when I was able to pick mine up the day after the TM5 launch.  I’ve been playing with it ever since; and love the ease of use – it really is intuitive to use. Here’s a link to see the new TM5 in action (love the dramatic music).


The good thing for owners of the previous model – most recipes work the same in both versions of the TM (and even the previous model TM21).  I’ve included below a link to my all-time favourite recipe – ANZAC Biscuits.  Definitely a favourite in our house.

Thermodelights Anzac Biscuits


If you have an old faithful recipe that you’d like converted please send it through to me at


If you want a Thermomix by Christmas you had better get your order in by the end of October (and also take advantage of the discounted rate).


And if you have any questions or would like to see the Thermomix TM5 in action  you can find a local consultant by entering your details at  or 



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