Shyte! We are moving..


Even though its early in term 4, I am planning our summer holidays.  A week away with hubby, and then just me and the 3 dividing our time between Sydney and Melbourne (to spend as much time as possible with current friends in Melbourne, but hoping to make some new connections before school starts in Sydney).  Add to this I’m thinking I am way overdue a visit to my mum in NZ… suddenly there isn’t much time left.  Then it dawned on me ‘Shyte, we actually have to move sometime in January too’.  The reality is, the reality is only just dawning on me.  We don’t have a house yet in Sydney, I haven’t even thought about furniture movers, and animal movers and utilities and.. I’m sure I have a list somewhere – so the whole process just hasn’t been on my radar.

I wonder how much longer I can ignore it for?


unnamed (5)


The good news is,  I was the winning bidder on Zachs class artwork at the schools Art Auction (which happens every three years), so I am wrapped to have this momento of our time in Melbourne (I have a platter from one of Ella’s classes a couple of years back). What I love about this artwork, is that every little piece of paper attached has each childs initials, so not only were we able to find all of Zachs, but all of his friends as well. We will always look back at this with fond memories.


Meanwhile… I am organising our Annual Halloween Sausage Sizzle (who has time to think about moving?)


unnamed (2)


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