fricken fussy eaters

I was a very fussy eater as a child.  I remember stand offs at the dinner table, where I actually sat at the table long enough to fall asleep, rather than eat my dinner.  I recall on more than one occasion my mum saying “I hope when you have kids they are as fussy as you are..”  I know I was painful, to a degree I still am, but it has taken until my late 30’s to really start being more adventurous.  Don’t get me wrong, I love food and I do eat a fairly wide variety, but I don’t eat everything.

So you can imagine my delight, despite doing everything recommended with babies and toddlers, offering a wide variety blah blah blah.  Until they were all 2, I thought I had it sussed. They ate anything.

Then came birthday number 2, and its like a switch was switched (imagine)… fussy fricken eater.

Does dinner time at our house sound anything like yours?   Kids dinner… Ella likes hers all mixed up, ie spag bol, lasagna, chicken and vege pie, Zach likes his meat, but no vege and certainly won’t eat potato of any kind (unless it’s a Maccas frie). Then hubby and I like things with a bit of chilli or curry.  “No thanks” say the kids.   I have tried doing one meal for all of us and just making them eat it (Zach pulls the same trick as I did).. and frankly dumbing down my food for the kids, well I enjoy my food too much to  not enjoy my dinner.  So I do an adults dinner and a kids dinner, but usually have to deconstruct one here and there.  This is not to mention the baby food I still have to make for Luke (a reflux baby, his eating skills are not where they should be).

If I manage to make one meal to suit the whole family, I pretty much shout it from the rooftops and give myself a high five!  Go on admit it, you have done that too, right?   That excitement lasts until I make it again 2 weeks later, and everyone refuses to eat it.

So last week, in my attempt to try something new (I end up sticking to the old favourites which is handy for dinner planning, but isn’t teaching the kids any variety).. I tried a new Thermomix recipe, Chicken cashew nut, served with rice (from the Everyday Cookbook, minus the Bamboo Shoots)  I just knew there was no-chance before I started that one let alone both of them would eat it, so I did have a back up in the fridge (as long as they tried a bit of the new one).  A quick and easy and nutritious dinner to prepare in the TM, I was wrapped.   Naturally they both turned their nose  up at it.  I dished up way more than either would eat (to give me room for negotiation) … and they both ate it.. and all of it!   I’m still in shock, and this was a week ago.  (Ok so we have negotiated to exchange a vegetable, but I’ll take that).




So, I have decided to give Ella and Zach a turn each week to choose a new dish to try.  They have both agreed they will give it ago.  In this segment Fricken Fussy Eaters I will post the recipes (successful and otherwise).  If you are a parent of a fussy eater, you will know, that what works for one, does not work for another (I brought a fussy eaters cookbook, and they eat one thing out of it)… but maybe, just maybe you will find some of these recipes and stories of interest.   Maybe you have a fail proof recipe for your fussy eater you can share?  I’m desperate, I’ll try anything (almost).

I’m sure Mum didn’t really wish all of this upon me, but it is true, Karma is a bitch!





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