Body by Bex – Summer body

It’s that time of year that you see everywhere “time to get in shape for summer”…… Holy crap it’s enough to make us all panic and dread getting the swimmers out!

If you want to “get that summer body” set realistic goals, set small manageable changes with your diet & exercise and that way you are more likely to stick to it and see longer lasting results.

My advice….. By saying you are on a “diet” puts not only pressure on yourself,  but sets you up to fail as most strict diets are unsustainable!  What I would recommend is to start by making small changes and slowly!

Change you white carbs (pasta, rice, bread etc) to brown slow release carbs.  Ditch the milky hot drinks, fruit juices & cordial to homemade flavoured waters (click here for recipes) & herbal teas.

Alcohol contains lots of empty calories and often by just stopping drinking alcohol alone can shed the kilos.  Make wise choices, I love an ice cold  G&T but will have lots of ice, freshly squeezed lime and diet tonic water.   A white wine spritza with soda water & ice is another refreshing summer drink and you can make it with just half a glass of wine.

Fill your fruit bowl….. I often take the time to make a large mixed fruit salad and pop it in the fridge, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to stop the fruit from going brown and some fresh mint and you have a ready to go snack that’s sweet & refreshing at the same time.

With the lighter nights and warmer days mix up your exercise.  If you often just go running, add ankle weights or stop half way through your run and do a mini cardio workout.  If bootcamp is your thing then up your normal weights, maybe add a light evening jog or walk.  If you dread the thought of any sort of exercise grab a friend to train with you, it’s always easier to get started when you have support & encouragement from a mate.

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FITNESS FACT:  Exercise boosts your immune system.

FOOD FACT:  According to a 2010 study eating ginger can help reduce exercise induced muscle pain by up to 25%.




The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.




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