Kids Chaos – Life rules & sorting out your wardrobe for summer


Hi its me, Ella. This month I have something that should be the rules of your life… and after that tips on how to sort out your clothes for summer.


Always tell the truth

Use kind words

Keep your promises

Giggle and laugh

Stay happy

And be positive

Love one another

Always be grateful

Forgiveness is mandatory

Give thanks

For everything

Try new things

Say please and thank you




ella 1


Sorting out your clothes for summer.


*Get 3 boxes or bins and put one label on each box.






*Start off with your wardrobe.  Look at each piece of clothing and see if it fits or not.  You may need to try it on.  If it doesn’t fit, put it into one of the three bins.  If it does fit, leave it in your wardrobe and repeat.  Once you have finished your wardrobe, you maybe decide to group your clothes together to make it easier to find (example – put all dresses together, all jackets together).   Do the same with your drawers.


Once you have finished your task, you will have a good idea what new clothes you can ask mum to get for the summer.


(Note:  You may want to check whats in the ‘rubbish’ pile before throwing anything out – Myaka)

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