10 minutes a day – a quick spring declutter


The sun is shining and if you haven’t already given your house a bit of a spring clean, it may have crossed your mind – before very quickly going straight out again!

As we are moving, I’m not really giving our place a spring clean, more of a declutter – with noticeable results in just 5-10 mins a day for 7 days.

Each activity below should take about 10 mins.  If you have more time, you can follow these guidelines and do a deeper declutter at each stage, but just the 10 mins will make a massive difference.


This is what I did.


Day 1.

Grab a rubbish bag and walk around the house, fill it with any rubbish you can find (or things that have been lying around the house for ages).  Don’t be afraid to open drawers and cupboards. If you are feeling very enthusiastic, fill up a second bag.  I did just one bag.  (You may decide to chuck a few things into a bag for charity as well).   (10 mins).



final day 1



 Day 2

Choose 1 area of your house that has been annoying you for ages and give it a quick clean out.  I chose Lukes baby change table. Everytime I have used it over the past year, it annoys me.  This took me less than 5 mins to clean out.  Now I smile when I see it.  (less than 5 mins).



unnamed (5)


Day 3

Rummage through your clothes.  Anything you don’t fit or need any more put into a pile for charity, or aside to sell (or give to a friend, especially if discarding maternity clothes). (approx 10 mins).


Day 4

Go through your childrens clothes (Ella did her own, check out Kids Chaos)  (10-15 mins per child, depends on if they are with you or not).


final kids rooms


Day 5

Kids toy time.  Grab a rubbish bag and a give-away box.  Have a check through wardrobes, toy boxes and desks.  Anything that is rubbish goes into the rubbish pile, and anything else can be given to a younger sibling, friend, sold or to your local charity. (10-30 mins, depends on how long its been since you last did this, but just 10 mins will make a difference).


Day 6

Now its time for your pantry and to chuck out any food way over its use by date.  (less than 10 mins).


final day 7



Day 7

This is a good one to do on rubbish day.  Go through your fridge and freezer and throw out anything thats been in there way too long.  There is always something lurking at the bottom of the freezer! (10 mins).



DONT FORGET:  This is a quick declutter.  The point is to get in, survey the scene, make some obvious changes and move on. You will feel so much better for it.  If you have the time, of course, dig deeper – feel even better.  But I promise you, this quick 10 mins a day will put a spring back in your step.   You may choose to do one step a day, or all in one day, or over a couple of days.   I started mine last week, had a break over the weekend, and then completed the rest in 3 days.


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