Halloween madness



As the road we live in intersects with possibly one of the busiest Halloween streets in Melbourne (although this year wasn’t as busy), we decided to hold an Annual Sausage sizzle for the kids and their friends. This year was year 2.



final 3


I always know in advance its going to be madness, but I secretly love it.  Its one of those things that is not relaxing for me at all, but I know it will serve in our childrens memories for a long time to come, and I love to create fun traditions such as these.  I make it as simple as possible, with everyone bringing a plate and a bottle (and a packet of lollies for our treat bowl). Nominate a dad to cook some sausages (as hubby didn’t fly in until just after sausage time) – bit of bread and sauce, and bobs your uncle.  Its one of those nights, that once the trick or treating is out of the way, the kids just run riot around the house until late into the night, and the parents get to just hang out and “be”.



final 1


The general rule is each child can invite a couple of friends each (and their parents) and then I add a couple of our friends (and their kids) then we round it off with the odd one here or there that we don’t want to leave out.  If we didn’t stick to this, it would be even more crazy.  At one point we had around 40 people here – which isn’t over the top, but enough fun (and mess) for everyone.




My kids just looooooove Halloween, they get so excited in the weeks leading up to it.  I honestly think this Sausage Sizzle almost (but not quite) surpasses Christmas and Birthdays on the kids excitement scale.


final 2


I have heard that Halloween is amazing in Sydney.. but I’m still in 2 minds, as it’s on a Saturday.  Will we come back here for our 3rd Annual Sausage Sizzle and catch up with old friends?


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