Body by Bex – Abs

“How do you get killer abs?”

“How do I get rid of this…….?”

“After having kids my tummy has never been the same…”

I hear this all the time and get asked how do you get great abs?

Answer: great diet, lots of training and….. good genes!  Yes some people just get lucky with good genes. A diet high in protein, low in fat & alcohol and a hardcore training program is key.

I think for most Mums, after having children, our tummies are never exactly the same.  Our bodies are amazing machines and it still blows my mind that we can have babies and then given time our bodies go back to normal….. Maybe with an added stretch mark or scar but what they go through, how they stretch and grow then after 9 months produce a baby is nothing short of a miracle.

Saying all that if you are determined anything is possible.

The best way to get great abs is to mix up your ab exercises. You need to include upper abs, lower abs and core ab muscles in your workout.  I would recommend abdominal workouts 2-3 a week on top of your normal exercise and a fat burning cardio work out such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) twice a week.

Start with the work out below if your up for it.  Just remember always stop if any sort of exercise feels uncomfortable. If you have any injuries or medical concerns always consult a medical expert before you start any form of training.

unnamed (7)



FITNESS FACT: Walking at a brisk rate almost burns as many calories as jogging the same distance!

FOOD FACT:  Green tea is rich in antioxidant to help fight off wrinkles & aging.




Be kind.  Its the most attractive quality you will ever posses.




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