Organise it … Peter Walsh “It’s all too much”



When I was pregnant with Zach, 7 years ago, I was living in an apartment in Macau (China), and sick of the lack of storage.  We had taken our whole house of goods from New Zealand and put it into the apartment. We were lucky, we had a very big apartment.

But I was fed up, and hormonal.

I don’t normally watch daytime TV, so how I ended up seeing an Ophra show I am not quite sure, but the point is, Peter Walsh was on it – and I was glued to the TV.   Within a week, I was on a ferry to Hong Kong listening to podcasts of Hughsey and Kate –  and Peter Walsh was interviewed by them.

It was a sign.

I went ahead and brought his book, and my life changed.

Before the book, I did feel bogged down by everything in our apartment.  After reading the book, and following some of the tips, I can honestly say I felt a spring back in my step.  My shoulders felt lighter.  It was amazing. Can I just say, our apartment was quite neat and tidy, it wasn’t at all like the TV shows with peoples belongings everywhere.  We just had too much stuff.

I still refer back to the book from time to time, and some of my organising tips, are in fact ones I have picked up from Peter.


Peter is Australian, and I felt like I had run into an old friend when I saw that he is now a regular guest on The Living Room on Channel 10.  He also has a number of other books (which I must check out).  See here.


STOP THE PRESS:  I just noted, Peter is looking for homes to De-clutter for Channel 10’s show –  The Living Room.  See details here.




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