Christmas, Baptism, 5 Birthdays and the ARIAs.


On the weekend, we had 8 family members (aged 5 months – 87 years) fly into town and stay with us (they stayed anywhere from 3 – 6 nights).


On Friday night, we had a family BBQ, and had a total of 13 people staying in our house.  Is that alot? (It’s alot of food I know that much).


On Saturday we had an all day family Christmas (complete with Christmas tree, gifts and the compulsory too much food and alcohol).. not forgetting the kids morning soccer and netball of course.






Yesterday Luke was Baptised, and we spent the day celebrating outdoors in the beautiful sunshine with even more family, and even more food.





Then it was time to celebrate a 10th birthday, a 7th birthday, a 4th birthday a FIRST birthday and the birth of a baby.  Complete with individually styled cakes (the worst cakes I have decorated EVER, just for the record, but champagne and exhaustion will do that for you).





My mum, the last guest, departs tomorrow morning, and on Wednesday I’ll be jumping on a plane to Sydney to get glammed up and attend the 2014 Aria awards (Australian Music Awards).   My first time at the Arias..  I like a good song and dance so I am looking forward to it.


But for now, its back to the washing …





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