Easy Christmas Photobooth

Easy Christmas photobooth


At the moment a photo-booth in one form or another seems to be very popular at weddings, work functions and special birthdays.

I thought it would be a fun idea to set one up for our early Christmas celebration last weekend.

The good news is, you don’t need great lighting, as a bright flash effect adds to the authenticity.

oc border 2


Our dining room wasn’t being used, so we set up a tripod, and encouraged people to pop in to take photos over the course of the day.  We got alot of hilarious photos, precious memories.


oc border 3




Follow these simple steps.

1. Find a spot to set up.  (Away from everywhere else is good, but not essential if you are pushed for space).

2. Attach a background – I just used lots of wrapping paper.  Be bold.  (I brought mine from TYPO).

3. Leave Christmas themed props out for everyone to dress up in.  I went with hats.

4. Attach camera to a tripod, or leave your camera in the room for people to use as they wish.



Make sure you cover more wall space with wrapping paper than you think you will need.   We had a lot of great photos such as the one below, but the backdrop was too small for our larger groups which was disappointing… AND watch out how you place your tape…in some shots it is noticeable –   hopefully when I learn to Photoshop properly, I will learn how to remove it from our favourite images.


oc bad border






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