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A few weeks ago, I read an article about Hairdresser etiquette.  I was really surprised to see on there ‘always make sure your hair is clean’ as I always go with dirty hair (what’s the point of washing it?) and also saying put your phone away (no texting or talking), which I thought was a bit ho hum, as this is the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on my emails and sms.    So I had a chat with my hairdresser, and asked for her top tips on Hairdresser etiquette.  Of course this may vary depending on where you go, but it could be worth clarifying.


1.  The salon is usually at its quietest Monday – Wednesday,  so if you need to take your kids to YOUR appointment.  Stick with one of these days.

2.   If you are short of time, please let the salon know AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.

3.  Clean or dirty hair is fine.  It is easier to foil (colour) unwashed hair.

4.  You can tell a hairdresser everything – they have heard it all!   BUT remember no client-attorney privilege.  Don’t tell them anything you wouldn’t want your friends to know.

5.  Mobile phone policy – PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY during your consultation or chat – but once your hairdresser knows what he/she is doing  feel free to use your phone, in any which way you choose.

6. Make sure you phone them if you are running late.

7.  Don’t feel you have to make small talk with your hairdresser, it’s your time.  If you feel like a chat, they are happy to talk, if you want to read a magazine (or talk on your phone), they will work around you.

8.  If you don’t like your hair, let them know, even if it’s by way of a call after. More often than not, there is something they can do to fix it.  They would rather know.  The salon may even be having issues with your hairdresser, and they can’t do anything about it if they think everyone is happy.

9.  Be mindful of which top you are wearing if you are having a blowdry or hair up for a special occasion. The top should have a wide neckline or have the ability to unbutton at the front so you don’t have to remove it over the head.

10.  APPARENTLY some people like to do a mixed payment (part card, part cash) in the salon so that their partners don’t find out how much they are spending on their hair.  They are more than happy for you to do this.


Habitat Hairdressing can be found at:

136 Commercial Road, Prahan

phone 03 8525 0808  email



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A big thank you to my hairdresser the lovely Laura Kerr at Habitat Hairdressing.




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