Body by Bex – Weight Training (Myth?)


Weight training……. The most over talked about and misunderstood myth.  Do they make you bulky and masculine?

Ladies… listen up… A BIG FAT NO!

So here’s how it works.  Women that you see lifting very heavy weights and looking on the masculine side (body builders) look like that on purpose.  Often with the help of synthetic testosterone (steroids) and are spending hours and hours in the gym every day.

Women do not and cannot naturally produce as much testosterone as men do.  Testosterone is one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size.  Therefore if you are or want to try weight training, rest assured your best outcome is going to be a fit & cellulite free body, that still looks feminine.

So go on….. Pick up some weights.

If this is music to your ears, I challenge you to ‘up’ your weights in the gym or at bootcamp. Just by 1kg initially –  but let’s see if it makes a difference (let me know how you feel and if you notice a difference).


unnamed 3


FITNESS FACT:  The more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn each day at rest.

FOOD FACT:  Eat more yogurt – the probiotics in plain Greek yogurt decreases bloat & abdominal fat!




“Those who can not change their minds can not change anything”




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