COOL Christmas Gift Ideas for all the family

Cool Christmas Gift Ideas – for all the family

The Living Room on Channel 10, had some really great gift ideas on the show last week.  I have downloaded the Fact Sheet for you to take a look, click here.


Some of my favourites are:


The Mighty Purse – comes in some really cool designs, and charges your phone on the go!






Parrot ZIK Wireless Headphone – they don’t look that groovy, but I love that you just use your finger to scroll across the side of the headphone to scroll through music etc (iPad style technology) and it automatically pauses when you remove them from your head.  Way cool.


unnamed (1)




My friend Cayla – I saw this doll in action on the TV, and she is pretty fun.  You can ask her questions and interact with her.  Not unlike Suri.


unnamed (2)




Boomco Rapid Madness Blaster – Another gun yes, but this one looked like so much fun I wanted to get one for everyone in the family and run around the house.


unnamed (4)




Beyond Cool Citrus Water Bottles – You may have seen Body by Bex flavoured waters recipes (click here) – and this would be a quick and easy way to flavour your water on the go.  Just chuck your fruits in the bottom, fill it up with water and off you go.


unnamed (3)



This is just a small selection of the gifts that were promoted on The Living Room on Friday night, I highly recommend you have a quick squiz at the factsheet.  Here is the link again.  It also has prices and links on where to purchase.  Happy shopping.


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