5 with … Amy Elliot (My Mini Minders)

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Tell us about you? 

I’d say I’m a big kid at heart and a nanny by day. Combined, these two things gave birth to my own baby and joy, My Mini Minders. Currently, we are a small babysitting and nannying agency based in Melbourne. We are a unique on-demand babysitting service providing hand-pick babysitters to our families.




How did My Mini Minders come about?

My Mini Minders came to life after I returned from London and saw a need for a tailored agency which combined the much needed personable service with an easy to access online system. This, paired with the overcrowded and underfunded childcare system in Australia meant that an alternative for families was needed. So, I combined elements of agencies from the UK and Europe with the laid-back nature of Australia to provide families with a tailored, inexpensive and professional service.

I have an innate love of children possibly derived from my own family values. I have also had a passion for community and developing businesses and causes that are truly innovative.


What is the best thing about being part of My Mini Minders?

Somehow, we got lucky. My Mini Minders is unintentionally growing into something much larger than babysitting. It’s becoming a brand, which works toward providing a service for all families across a range of areas (but this is all a little hush hush atm).

Through our community connections, we have created two really important partnerships. The first, with The Nappy Collective and boy were we lucky to be a part of this. The Nappy Collective began just over 1 year ago, simply collecting nappies at drop points across Australia and distributing them to woman in at-risk or vulnerable positions, who have to choose daily between feeding their child and providing fresh nappies. Our team of minders volunteered their time to drive to Melbourne Maternal Health Centers for the final collection helping in the final distribution of the October 2014 drive.

From our work with The Nappy Collective we have made an inspirational connection with McAuley Community Services who are the only 24/7 shelter for woman in Victoria. McAuley Community Services provide refuge for woman with the strength to flee domestic violence.

Where does My Mini Minders come into the picture?

On November 27th McAuley Minders launched, providing regular voluntary care for the children of women with the strength to flee such domestic violence. Why? We wanted to extend our hand and speak on behalf of our community. To let these strong woman and children know that our minders donation of time is a symbol more than a moment of relief. It symbolizes that our community cares, that we see them, we hear them and that we are proud.


unnamed (2)


What’s next for My Mini Minders?

As the silly season is upon us, our gorgeous girls are gearing up for our ‘Holiday Hotspots’. During summer many will travel with families or be on call for babysitting in holiday destinations in the Peninsula and Otways. We all know how hard it can be to get a sitter on holidays!

2015 will be no different to 2014, plenty of ups and downs. But we will be releasing 3 major projects. One of these a second service and brand expansion and another through a personal passion for the community and the disadvantaged, having been given our current platform, 2 new innovative not-for-profit projects aimed at educating kids in community awareness. I’m trying to remain tight lipped…but I am struggling to keep my excitement in.


George Clooney or Ryan Gosling?

A cross-bread of George Gosling or Ryan Clooney (or does that count as cheating?)



I am always happy to chat with anyone who wants to find out about our nannying or babysitting service via

email a.elliot@myminiminders.com.au  phone 0423 460 074



Please also have a look at www.thenappycollective.com.au and www.mcauleycsw.org.au as these are 2 really positive organizations within Melbourne.


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