Organise it … Kids holiday WISH LIST


I generally find, that during the school holidays, if I ask the kids what they would like to do ‘today’ or ‘tomorrow’  they just don’t know.  They are lost for inspiration, and everything I suggest to them sounds ‘boring’.   So I decided to try a new approach this year.  We had a brainstorming session last weekend, and it was a HIT.

We have a very interesting summer holiday ahead, with time shared between Melbourne and Sydney, and Queensland for a holiday right before school starts.  I am determined that the kids have an amazing time with their Melbourne friends before their new journey begins in Sydney.  Having said that – I still have to pack up and move houses.  So it will be a juggling act.  One I will conquer though (she says now).

So, I am armed, with my kids holiday wish list.   As you will see there is a mixture of wishes.  Some simple, and some will be memories for a lifetime…  mixed in with some total pipe dreams  (for kids their age), but it is a wish list after all.

So this little photo, is my master plan for the holidays.  I am going to see how many of these things we can get ‘checked off’ before schools starts.

I highly recommend you doing this with your children BEFORE school finishes, before they start telling you they are bored, and you are feeling exhausted and uninspired after the Christmas season.  Have fun – I know we will.



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