Teachers Gifts – what to buy and what to avoid


Stuck for ideas on what to buy your child’s teacher? Well it just so happens, I know a few teachers, and I asked them “What gifts do you love to receive, and what gifts to you wish people would avoid?”



They love it when you get together with a few other parents, or the entire class to give a group gift, so some of these gifts will be better suited to a larger budget;

  • Shopping mall voucher
  • Massage/Facial/Manicure voucher
  • Lip gloss (from somewhere like Mecca, who doesn’t need a good lip gloss?)
  • Beautiful photo frame, such as these ones from Country Road (you child could draw or write a message in the frame)Country-Road
  • Dinner voucher
  • Bottle of French Bubbles
  • You may decide to create a hamper, whereby everyone donates a special item (maybe something from above).
  • Gold Class movie tickets (seriously, who doesn’t like Gold Class?)


Carol from  the gorgeous homeware store ONDINE  has made the following great suggestions, which are all currently available instore.  Carol used to be a teacher’s aide so she knows a thing or two about end of year gifts.


Gorgeous Candles – When its time to wind down and relax, there’s nothing nicer than a lovely scented candle to bring back some much needed Zen – from $25.00

unnamed (7)


Basket/Tote Bag – Teachers are forever carting around all manner of things.  They have some beautiful baskets from New Zealand Co Citta design that would come in handy – from $29.90


unnamed (1)


Costume Jewellery – is always a bit of fun and well received –  from  $15.00


unnamed (3)1


Beautiful enamel jewellery boxes – from $65.00


unnamed (2)


Faux Leather Handbags – from $89.00 (available in other colours)


unnamed (4)1

unnamed (5)


Marble Cheeseboards – from $29.00




Christmas Decorations – A beautiful decoration is always a nice reminder of a special year spent together – from $4.00


unnamed (6)1




Things to avoid

Thankfully there are not too many of these – If you have to go down the chocolate path, no Lindt balls, Ferro Rocher or Cadbury favourites, make it special such as Haig’s tinned chocolate or Koko Black.

Cheap cheap wine.



I think it is important to remember how hard our teachers work, and how much care they put into our children on a daily basis.   It’s not about how much you spend, it’s the words of appreciation that make all the difference, and reminds teachers why they do what they do.


A big thanks to all those who helped out with this post, especially Carol from ONDINE.  A few of those items have made their way to my wishlist (there seems to be a pattern emerging here).

281 Wattletree Rd
Malvern East VIC 3145
(03) 9500 8958
*Note, please excuse the tags etc in the photos, as mentioned, I have been rather ill the last week and rather than delay publishing this post by a week so I could retake the photos, I decided to press ahead.







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