Organise it – Odd Socks


There is a sock monster in our house, and it drives me crazy.  I cannot tell you how often I need to buy more socks.  I have been slowly introducing foolproof methods to stop this from happening… and I think I finally have it covered.

Do you have an odd sock problem in your house too?  I would love to hear how you solved the problem.


Here are my tips:


final 2


Give each child their own SOCK BASKET, which is kept near their shoes.  Our sock basket houses sports socks and school socks only.  This ensures that at least, each pair of socks starts off in the right place.






Give each child a laundry ‘underwear’ bag to put their dirty socks into.   The laundry bag can be put directly into your wash, and in theory these will all be pairs when they go in the wash, and when they come out.  (These can be purchased for little cost at Target/Big W/K mart etc).



final 1

…and because even this is not foolproof – have an ‘odd sock’ basket.  So every time you fold up the washing and there is an odd one, put it straight into the odd sock basket.  Each time you have a match, put it back into circulation.



Good luck!






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