Body by Bex – Loving the body you have now

So this week I wanted to talk about loving the body you have now.  Talking to yourself kindly and being proud of what you have.

This is the hardest post I have written for Organised Chaos so far, it’s a subject close to my heart – so if it only helps one other person and the way they are thinking, I will be happy.

For years my legs were always my ‘worst asset’ or so I thought.  I hated my legs so much. My ex husband would always take the mickey out of them and it became a belief of mine for many many years that I had terrible legs.

When I left the UK in 2008 to live in New Zealand and then to Australia I would only ever wear shorts to my knees.  Even with exercise & a good diet I still disliked my legs alot. It wasn’t until I stopped hating them and was forced to focus on my mental health & postnatal depression (as well as seeking help & advise from my wellness coach, where I was given tools to help) did my beliefs change.

I even wrote a letter to my legs (I know that sounds crazy) thanking them for what I was grateful for.  I started to take photos of them & started wearing shorter shorts. During my pregnancy with my youngest son I had good days & bad days with accepting the changes to my body, but I always tried to get my mindset back to being grateful for what I had and loved my body for what it was.

The irony of my story is that my legs are now my best asset, I get the most compliments on them & I love wearing short shorts.  So I guess if I can give advice to anyone interested in advice,  talk kindly to yourself, love what you have now in this moment and I promise the rest takes care of itself….

In January there will be advice & information from my Wellness & Physcology  of Eating coach so watch this space..

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FITNESS FACT:  To burn off a KitKat you will have to run for approximately 26 mins.

FOOD FACT: Carrots are very high in vitamin A.  An essential nutrient for good vision.




“Embrace  and love your body,
It is the most amazing thing you will ever own”




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