Feeling the joy this Christmas, or feeling STREEEESSED?

Feeling the joy this Christmas, or feeling streeeesed?


Holy!! Where has the year gone!? Christmas is here AGAIN!

Does anybody feel like the older you get the less time you have?


I have a theory on this, and I am excited to share.  As it may be helpful to you at one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year.

As we get older we have more responsibilities and with more responsibility comes more stress.

I am not here to bag out stress as it is a very normal function of the body and can be extremely helpful to us. Although not all day, every day.

When we feel stressed the body releases a hormone called Cortisol. One of the functions of Cortisol is to give you the feeling of lack of time. When we feel a lack of time we feel rushed, when we rush we often feel stressed. Can you see the cycle? Another issue with Cortisol is slows down our digestion and when we don’t digest our food efficiently we store it.

And this is where I come in.  The majority of work I do with my clients is effectively helping them to slow down and de-stress. The last thing I want to do is stress you out about stressing out so, here is just one thing I want you to remember to get the most out of your Christmas….

Consciously breathe: That’s all, that is it!

Easier said than done, so be gentle. The good thing is even if you are pressed for time, it takes less than a minute to de-stress the body through breathing and move into maximum nutritional metabolism. When we feel relaxed we shift to a part of our brain that gives us time to respond to situations instead of reacting to them.  It can really help put things in perspective.


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Try it as many times as you can through the day – consciously breathe. A good place to start, if this is new to you, is counting your breath in your mind whilst inhaling through your nose, then exhale slowly through your mouth. Try to increase your number each time you inhale. For the competitive ones don’t over commit with what number you reach, or you will be de-stressing on the floor, passed out (not what we are looking for). Before you know it you will be a meditating guru – if you aren’t already.


Breathe in the good shit breathe out the bullshit!’


Another  little tip to keep your body in this state over Christmas is to try to shift your thinking to “Counting your blessings instead of  your calories” when eating.

Think about it, when we are stressing  about what to eat, how much to eat,  the fact we have eaten too much etc our body feels those stressful thoughts and responds accordingly.

A stressful thought sends a signal to the  body leaving you feeling stressed.  This then slows down digestion and sends blood to arms and legs so you can get away from your stressful situation. (Known as fight or flight)  Think about this, that in itself is clever, our bodies are truly amazing and when we work with them are designed to thrive.

I know as a society we are stuck on the title “good” food “bad” food and I would like to challenge you to drop this over Christmas and feel empowered in all your choices. (You are going to eat it anyway so why not enjoy it and feel good about it?)

Feeling empowered puts the body in relaxation response and in this state your body is able to do what it is designed to do.


Count your blessings not your calories




I will leave you with my final tip to get you through Christmas enabling you to be one of the few that doesn’t feel like they have to start the  New Year on some new fad diet or punishing exercise regime.

Imagine starting the New Year eating to nourish your body and exercising because we want to feel good not because we have too.

A very different feeling to bring in the New Year.


* When preparing your food this Christmas really notice it, look at it, be thankful for it.  Just by looking at our food our digestion starts.  It actually has a name Cephallic Phase Digestive Response, up to 40% YES 40% of digestion starts there. That alone is ginormous!  


Guys  – billions of dollars are spent yearly in the diet industry hence this information not being front page of the newspaper.  My dream and intention is for you not to be a statistic.


Wishing you a BE YOU tiful Christmas and Happy New Year xx


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Written by Wellness Coach Kristina Ambler.  Read more about Kristina (Kricket) here.  


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