My TOP 3 time-saving kitchen essentials


This may also qualify as good Christmas gift ideas – depending on your way of thinking.

I use each of these items several times each week, and without them, feeding our family would be alot more labour intensive.  I feel really organised in the kitchen when I know I can work with these gadgets.


1.  The Thermomix




Yes you have seen it here before.  If you do not know what a Thermomix is, then you probably live in New Zealand where they are not as popular (yet), or under a rock in Australia.

There is so much more I need to learn to do with my Thermomix, but the 3 things I make most regularly are: Spag Bol, baby/toddler food  and cooking rice, but this will evolve (makes yummo pizza bases, and fantastic bread doughs in a matter of minutes.

Pricing is not for the faint hearted, but if you consider how much time this will save you, the value of your time per hour, and multiply this by the amount of time you will spend cooking the rest of your life.. then really, this is a bargain.

Click link here for a full explanation.




2.  The Nutribullet



This is one of those things you see advertised on daytime TV over and over again on those very annoying infomercials.   I hesitated for about a year before buying one, because in my mind these things are never as good as they look on the TV.  Well I was wrong, and I wasted a year.  Now we own 2 (hubby has one at work).

My juicer has been sold, and I haven’t used my blender since I brought this.  You can put whole peeled fruit into it and  make fresh juice.  I love you can make the kids individual sized smoothies.  The force of the motor means everything is smooth (no more straining their fruit smoothies).

The 3 things I make most regularly are:  Smoothies, juices and to puree individual portions baby food (which I can take on the go, with the cup lid).  Coming in a very close 4th is whipping cream.   This is AMAZING!

It is really great for single portions, I use the Thermomix when cooking in larger batches.

Click link here for a full explanation.



3.  My Slowcooker




I have had my slowcooker (also known as a Crockpot) for 8 years now.  I didn’t think I would use it as much as I do.  I will use it year round 1- 2 times per week.

I have a couple of recipes where I pre-prepare a batch of vege/spices and put them in the freezer – so come slowcooker day, meat comes out of freezer, vege comes out, add a bit of this and that and then wait until dinner time.  On those days when you have late school activities, this is a real winner – just come home and dish up.. and its taken me less than 10 mins in the morning to get it going.

I really just use my slowcooker for various type of casserole dishes.  Its used not so much for the variety of what it can do, but the convenience of what it does.

There are a large selection of brands and sizes to choose from.


My slowcooker is an older model of this one in link, click here.  It doesn’t have lots of fancy bells and whistle, but it suits me down to the ground.   I like that it has a solid ceramic bowl as opposed to a metal one.

A sample of a more modern looking one can be found here.





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