Things i Love – Holiday reads


I love a good read.. especially if its by a pool or on the beach and there is not a child in sight (well not mine anyway).  I would usually classify a holiday read as something totally mindless, that I can read without too much effort, however the 2 books I have mentioned, are alot more interesting with alot more depth, but equally easy to read.


Penny Vincenzi

I am a big fan of Penny Vincenzi – her books have you engaged from the first page, and you never want the story to end.  The good thing with most of her books are that they are sooo long, even if you are an avid reader, one book is likely to see you through most of your holiday.

If you choose to read her trilogy, seriously you are set up for weeks or even months (depending on how often you read).



Book One – NO ANGEL  

“In pre-war London, Lady Celia Lytton is the perfect host. Beautiful, intelligent and determined, she throws glittering parties, publishes bestselling books, and enjoys her young family and loving husband. But there are tragedies her family will not escape: the Titanic, the First World War, the flu epidemic. And beneath their perfect image, the Lyttons cannot ignore the changing world around them. In the shattering aftermath of the War, Celia is beginning to understand that there will be a price to pay for the life she has chosen, that is greater than she could ever have imagined…An epic saga of love, secrets and family conflicts, No Angel is an unforgettable introduction to the Lytton Dynasty. Book One of The Spoils of Time trilogy”



Judy Nunn

I have recently discovered author Judy Nunn.   You probably recognise her name –  she used to be Alf’s wife and Home and Away.  I seriously love her books.  I really enjoyed “Elianne”  set in Queensland, but have just finished reading “Pacific” another story that had me engaged from the first page.  I loved that the story switched between modern day and WW2 although I wouldn’t classify it as a war story at all (I wouldn’t have read it if that was the case).  There is a good element of mystery, yet most importantly for a holiday read.. a bit of a love story too.






“An epic story of love, sacrifice and revenge swept along on the winds of war.

Australian actress Samantha Lindsay is thrilled when she scores her first lead movie role in the Hollywood epic Torpedo Junction, playing a character based on World War II heroine ‘Mamma Tack’.

But as filming begins in Vanuatu, uncanny parallels between history and fiction emerge. Just who was the real Mamma Tack? And what mysterious forces are at play? The answers reveal not only bygone secrets but Sam’s own destiny.

In another era, Jane Thackeray travels from England to the far distant islands of the New Hebrides. Ensnared in the turmoil of war, Jane witnesses the devastating effect human conflict has upon an innocent race of people. There she meets Charles ‘Wolf’ Baker, a charismatic fighter pilot, and Jean-Francois Marat, a powerful plantation owner – and soon their lives are entwined in a maelstrom of love and hate … ”



I am always after suggestions of good holiday reads – I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below.




For more great books see the READINGS summer reading guide here. 


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