5 with … Jodie Wilson (Little Miss Scout)


Tell us about you? 

Little Miss Scout….mother of two/wife to one/blogger/crafter/stylist/treasure hunter…



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How did Little Miss Scout come about?

I grew up with a very creative mother who could paint/crochet/sew/knit/embroider/you name it..and had her own little shop at one stage.

She tried to pass her skills on to me, but I wasn’t the most patient person to teach, and as my sister picked things up quickly, I then went off in a different direction which was writing stories, and drama.

It wasn’t until I had my first child (now 15) that I started making things like cards and selling them, then moved onto “Nobbies” (what we called our sock monkeys) with a friend. This has moved on to art, plates, and a new business called Borrowed where I get to style, and use all my treasures I have collected over the years…and there’s a few of them…I have a fetish for treasure hunting…one of my most favourite past times.


What is the best thing you have done as Little Miss Scout?

Best thing I have probably done in terms of Little Miss Scout was starting a blog four years ago. I got to use the photos I took, show them off, as well as write, and set myself different challenges which I blogged about….such as being alcohol free for a year (no mean feat), cooking every recipe in a cookbook for a year, swimming in the sea every day of daylight saving, running a half marathon etc…

One of the main reasons for the blog (apart from using my creative side) is leaving something behind for my children, friends and family when I leave this world.





What’s next for Little Miss Scout?

I am not really sure what is next for Little Miss Scout…it’s kind of a flexible thing, I don’t like to be locked into making the same things over and over, so it’s making the long list of things I have wanted to do for a while, and hopefully others will find them cool too and buy. Spreading a bit of happiness in my own way.

Also most exciting for me is setting up an instagram account for Little Miss Scout so I can instantly post photos without adding a story with it…it’s also a great way to keep up with other creatives all around the world and being inspired daily…




Best organising tip?

Best organising tip would be to write lists. I am a great fan of writing lists as a reminder of what you have to do/want to achieve each month/week/day but I find it also gets the chaotic mess out of your head so there is room for creative thoughts.

I have a notebook where I write around 10-15 things I want to achieve each month, I then write a weekly list, and a daily list…at the end of each day/week/ there should hopefully be a lot of ticks.

I also recommend reading Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler…. if you are one for setting yearly goals, or want to know which direction to go in…it’s fantastic!



You can contact Jodie on the following:


instagram: Little.Miss.Scout

facebook: www.facebook.com/littlemissscout


To find out more about “borrowed” and what we do, go to:


or better still to see some of the things we have styled check

facebook page.




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