I’m that duck you see


We have all been that duck before.  That one that swims around the lake, not a care in the world (apparently), but underneath, oh yes underneath, those legs are paddling furiously.

I am sitting in a sea of chaos.. and it’s not one bit organised.

Every year, I am quite proud of the fact that come Dec 15th, my sons birthday – I have done not only all of his birthday present shopping, but all the Christmas shopping as well  (might as well do it all at once).

But this year, for the first time in my life, I have been living day-to-day.  Just focusing on what needs to be done this week, and getting through it before worrying about the next.

Of course, I could make it easier for myself, but I have little traditions I like to keep, so generally I don’t make it easier for myself.  For example, I always like to make a home-made birthday cake.  I like to cook, and the price people charge for cakes is so ridiculous, when I know how quick and easy they are to make (even though mine aren’t as good as the store brought variety).

Zachs party for 18 kids was last Sunday, so of course we had home-made Star Wars themed cupcakes.  At least we had the party off-site.

unnamed (7)


The kids finished school this week, which was emotional in itself. No more school in Melbourne. On two occasions I had plans to have the kids looked after so that I could just get everything done (well it would never be everything, but lots).  On both occasions, my plans fell through, and my list of things to do has gotten longer.

Half my problem is this blog.  It takes up alot of time and so does a toddler in the house.  It doesn’t leave me much time for anything else.  Even though I shouldn’t spend so much time on Organised Chaos, I find myself drawn to it, and I sit at the computer whilst I hear the bombs going off all around me.




Yesterday, we had a photographer come over to do a 4 hour shoot.  I mean, who does that at Christmas?  Yes me.  I’d really rather not have done it at this time of year, but I really wanted to document this time in our life, in the house we love in Melbourne, and Luke at this adorable age.  I know it will be worth the effort in the end.

As you read this, I have 4 extra girls in the house for Ella’s farewell sleepover, and 1 extra boy – for Zachs first sleepover.  On Monday,  we (the girls) are supposed to be doing an amazing race style treasure hunt.. I still haven’t written the clues.

On Christmas eve, we are having our annual Christmas drinks at our house and we are also hosting Christmas day (at least we are not spending the day driving from A-B like so many).

It’s on Boxing day, when I wake up – that I might start to think about the fact that the removalists are coming to pack up our house, in just over a weeks time, not to mention our 6 days in Sydney for NYE.  Hmmm. (Yes we finally got a house to move too).

images (3)

The thing is, although my feet are paddling furiously to stay afloat, I am strangely feeling very cool, calm and collected.  I am learning to outsource more – store brought dinners from time to time, and dare I say the majority of my Christmas cards will be the “e-card” type this year, which I pretty much hate.  But sometimes, you just have to work out what can give, and what can’t.  At the end of the day, we are all happy and healthy and what doesn’t get done, will still be there tomorrow… with that being said, and a sink full of dirty dishes – I’m off to make a bowl of popcorn and get a glass of red wine and sit on the couch.




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