Thermomix – Frozen Vodka Champagne Slushi


When I lived in Asia, this was known as an “Elegante” and I beg, borrowed and stole to get the recipe, which I promptly went on to lose. Yeah good one.

A year ago, when I brought my Thermomix, one of the recipe books (that I didn’t buy), had the recipe for a similar drink.

I have combined bits of both of them (using my tastebuds and memory)… and am wrapped with not only the results but how easy it is to make them.




100g lemon juice, frozen into ice cubes

100g sugar

300g Prosecco or Champagne + the rest of the bottle

100g Vodka

600g ice cubes



Place sugar and 100g of cold water into TM bowl.  Mix 4 mins/100 degrees/speed 1 to dissolve sugar and create sugar syrup.  Stir on speed 1 (no heat) until cooled to 37 degrees.

Add frozen lemon cubes, Prosecco, vodka and ice cubes to the cooled sugar syrup.  Blend for 20 secs, speed 10.

Fill tall glasses approx 2/3 and top with remaining Prosecco.

Serve immediately.



Be careful – these can be lethal!  I usually make the sugar syrup a day ahead, or keep some in the fridge at all times, just incase.  If you don’t have a chance to make the lemon juice ice cubes in advance, just put the juice in and 6 more regular ice cubes. It doesn’t quite taste the same, but it’s still good.



Now this will go down very well whilst I am enjoying my holiday reads.

organised chaos/holiday reads




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