My FAVOURITE buys of 2014

It’s the day before Christmas and you are struggling to think of a decent gift.. check out my favourite purchases from 2014.  One of them might just be what you are after.



By far my favourite purchase of the year has been my kindle (well it was a birthday gift).

Another thing I had thought about for a few years but had been convinced I didn’t need it, as I do love a good paperbook.   But now that I have it – I love it.   We even brought one for Gregs 80-something father who is an avid reader, and he loves it too.





iPHONE 6 plus

From the minute I saw it, I was in love.  Again, everyone kept telling me “It’s too big, its soo big” – but I was adamant, as soon as I could lay my hands on it, I would.  Finally this week I took my new baby home.

Love love love… and guess what, even with a case, it still fits in the back pocket of my jeans!

I have an ipad, but I find it inconvenient to use.  I am always coordinating playdates, events, posts for Organised Chaos from my phone and on the run (2 mins early for pick up, send a couple of emails).  My 6 plus has made this job easier.

It’s the big one on the right.






Love photography, but find lugging around an SLR camera inconvenient.  I have always invested in an extra good quality pocket camera as well.  But I have ended up frustrated with the slow shutter speeds, often missing the moment when trying to capture kids.  Then Canon brought out this new lightweight compact SLR camera.  SOLD.

Its true, I won’t take it everywhere with me – my phone is now my main source of photography, but for anytime I want to make the effort, albeit just a family outing to the park, I always take my Canon with me.

Again, it’s the image on the right.







Finally, yes at the risk of repeating myself – my Nutribullet, has to also make this list.

This is one of those things you see advertised on daytime TV over and over again on those very annoying infomercials.   I hesitated for about a year before buying one, because in my mind these things are never as good as they look on the TV.  Well I was wrong, and I wasted a year.  Now we own 2 (hubby has one at work).

My juicer has been sold, and I haven’t used my blender since I brought this.  You can put whole peeled fruit into it and  make fresh juice.  I love you can make the kids individual sized smoothies.  The force of the motor means everything is smooth (no more straining their fruit smoothies).

The 3 things I make most regularly are:  Smoothies, juices and to puree individual portions baby food (which I can take on the go, with the cup lid).  Coming in a very close 4th is whipping cream.   This is AMAZING!

It is really great for single portions, I use the Thermomix when cooking in larger batches.







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