Body by Bex – Christmas fitness

With Christmas & New Year celebrations just around the corner it’s the time of year people relax, over indulge and often slow down their fitness.

I love Christmas & all that goes with it. Coming from England a proper Christmas for me is, and always should be cold…. with hot Christmas lunch, lots of Christmas pudding, brandy cream & mulled wine.  Spent with family & friends, games, presents, movies, love & laughter and falling a sleep in front of the TV after my traditional Baileys on ice.

Since living in Oz Christmas has changed somewhat and rather than a wintery walk wrapped up warm on Boxing Day my fitness regime only relaxes just a little and I still like to train every other day.

So if like me you are keen to keep your fitness up, whilst enjoying the holidays then below are a few quick & easy sessions that can be done at home, your local park or with a friend!


30 Minute Cardio

2 minutes jumping jacks (star jumps)
2 minutes mountain climbers
2 minutes high knees
2 minutes jumping squats

30 seconds rest….. Repeat 3 times!


Belly Buster

1 minute ankle taps
1 minute toe touches
1 minute crunches
1 minute Russian twists
1 minute leg raises10 chest to floor burpees

Repeat 4 times!

unnamed (4)
Complete Christmas calorie burner!

100 jumping jacks (star jumps)
80 skips
60 crunches
40 tricep dips
20 squat jumps

100 high knees
80 skips
60 Russian twist
40 lunges (20 each leg)
20 chest to floor burpees

100 step ups
80 skips
60 push ups
40 squat pluses
20 second wall squat

You’ll be relieved to know, you only need to do this one – once through.


unnamed (3)




FITNESS FACT:   Even if you only train at home once in a blue moon get Santa to buy you a set of hand weights, skipping rope & a kettle bell! Always handy to have and will help you get motivate if you have them at home!

FOOD FACT: Best way to start the day is with a glass of hot water & lemon! It helps clear skins, helps with digestion,  balances PH and helps with weight loss!




“What comes easy won’t last….
What lasts won’t come easy!”




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