What to expect in 2015


We are 4 months in to our 6 month trial on Organised Chaos, and I am excited to announce that I have decided to continue on.  6 months is too short of a time to give it a real go.  12 months is more realistic.

I am learning alot about blogging.

My gramma is not perfect, and I often publish a post, thinking I have caught all of the spelling mistakes, only to realise AFTER its published, that I probably need glasses and have missed something.  My talent lies not in the written word, but in bringing all the content together from different sources.  I’m the ideas person.

In 2015 you will meet our new guest writers as we launch a Style segment,  reviews (books/TV/movies), a Wellness coach and more.  In addition to our already popular Body by Bex, who will be launching video segments. You will see more practical organising tips and ‘5 with …’ interview segments (I have some very interesting people lined up, including at long last those of the male species).  Our popular new ETIQUETTE @ segment, has some really fun and useful tips.. some of the topics include, ‘when photographing children’, ‘rules at a Day Spa’, ‘@ High Tea’, and ‘Fine Dining etiquette’

Do you think you or your brand would make a good fit for Organised Chaos?  Lets chat – please drop me a line.   contactorganisedchaos@gmail.com


Is there something you would like to see more of on Organised Chaos?   Perhaps you have an Organising issue at home you need some guidance on.  Ask away, our other readers may have the same problem.

Keep an eye out late January for our ‘Getting organised for school’ special.  Tips and tricks to ease back into school life.

But for now – it’s still the holidays… I hope you are managing some downtime.

A Happy New Year to you – here is to 2105, and more Organised Chaos.



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