Out with the old in with the new



by Kristina Ambler


Hello 2015!!  Thank you for having us!


I want to start with addressing my title “Out with the old and in with the new”.


I am all for stepping up, letting go, moving forward, striving for more, setting goals and intentions ( I love this stuff as a coach it is in my DNA)  However I am here to let you in on a little secret to help 2015 flow better.


The key is not to close the door on 2014 in a good riddance kind of way although to  address and thank 2014 for getting you where you are today.


It is about owning it!  What you resist persists and what you don’t address will come back, sometimes knocking  louder  the second time, until you do address it.  So with this knowledge a little re-frame can lead you into the new year better equipped to handle life’s little surprises and to help you be a little more proactive in planting the surprises you would like to see.


Let me explain a little more.


Instead of wishing things different, shift to having no regrets, own it all.  The good bits the not so good bits.  When you feel empowered life flows better and when you feel good you can’t help feel like the best is yet to come… (and maybe just maybe it is).


This little shift in perception can make a MASSIVE difference in your life.  So instead of being ashamed of what you have been through, or what you didn’t get done, be proud of what you did get done, and what you HAVE overcome.







I am not going to say this will stop the bad stuff from happening, we live in a sometimes crazy world.  I am saying when you start thinking in a way that makes you feel good it helps you handle the not so good things better.


Here is my challenge for 2015

Throw out the what you think you should be doing this year, and work out what you feel you would like to be doing.


What we think we should be doing comes from a very different place than what we feel we would like to do.


Generally we end up setting intentions and New Year resolutions from what we think we should be doing.  Scary thing here is what we think we want  and what we actually do want are sometimes very different things.


Another little issue here is you may consciously know what you would like to do however subconsciously you have a belief that “you are not good enough”, the issue here is the subconscious belief will win.


Subconscious mind is simply a term used to point to thought patterns that are running on auto mode due to past attention and belief, the not so amazing point here is some of those beliefs we have taken on as our own are from sometimes quite unreliable sources.


I will leave you with some tips to save you freaking out like me when I learnt this information and I will leave you with some tips that can help the true you take the steering wheel of your life in 2015!


When you wake in the morning take 5 minutes to breathe into your body  and be grateful for actually waking up.   It’s easy to overlook this miracle, however come on have a think about it…. WINNING already.


Secondly before you hop out of your bed make a deal to  be your own best friend your hombre your biggest fan.  Trust me you will go a lot further this year working with yourself than bagging yourself out every day.  Be gentle with this one as you may be astounded how mean you can actually be to yourself.  Once you bring awareness to it.  Remember it is easy to be critical on ourselves, most of us have been conditioned that way,  however to be happy in the moment, gently turn the criticism into enquiry.  The results will be astonishing!


It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time.


Trust me guys you know a lot more than you think you do.  A tool I use with my clients is for them to allocate  some time daily to journal how they are feeling.

Start  by writing what is working for you and what is not.  A great guide is what feels good and what doesn’t. Writing  is a way of accessing your intuitive wise self, of gaining clarity,  releasing and letting go.  All of this creating more ease day to day.




So my friends have FUN  “Releasing the old and welcoming the new”.



“Life is too important to be taken seriously” Oscar Wilde


Clink here for more great posts by Wellness Coach Kristina Ambler. 


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