Body by Bex – The New Year


Every New Year for the past few years my husband & I have made time on New Years Eve together to write a list of intentions for the coming year. These have been as simple as cutting out certain foods to as complex as building our own home, starting a new business & making a baby.

I hear so many people make New Years resolutions and by week 2 or 3 they feel like failures if they’ve given in or don’t feel they can stick to it.

So here’s what I do….. Don’t make any!

With having intentions they are exactly that…. Good ones.

I also like to set myself challenges…. Fitness ones. Try something new, take up a different kind of exercise and take yourself out of your comfort zone.  Sign up for a fitness event, be it the City 2 Surf, Colour Run, Bay 2 Bay….. Something that you have to sign up for and make your goal.  (Scary I know but sooooo worth it)

My health & fitness challenges are no longer than a month long so very achievable & if you like the results from them you can keep them up.

With January often still full with left over Christmas & New year parties, school holidays & Australia Day I suggest to enjoy life, live a little and make February the start of setting new goals & challenges. 

Below is my idea of “Fitness February”.

Fitness February – break a habit for the month! Sugar, alcohol, chocolate, salt, whatever you feel is a bad habit.

The Rules: You are allowed 4 cheat days in the month in case of events weddings etc… ( this also helps with sticking to the challenge.) If you can go without the 4 cheat days even better.

Keep a diary of thoughts, feelings & any physical changes.

Attend one event or exercise session you wouldn’t normally do. ie Bootcamp, gym, hot yoga etc

Post your bad habit here.

Tag a friend to challenge them.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, safe & prosperous New Year!

Love Bex





FITNESS FACT:   It talks 12 minutes of jogging to burn off a glass of wine….. I might be jogging a lot over Christmas

FOOD FACT: Bananas! Best snack ever! Full of potassium, they can help lower your blood pressure and helps boost your metabolism!




“When our actions are based on good intentions,

our soul has no regrets”




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