Facebook thought you wouldn’t like these posts…


In 2014 I posted the below articles, which I thought you would like, but Facebook had other ideas… and as FB is currently my only marketing tool, I rely heavily on it to make sure you see my posts (Februrary will see my marketing expand).


The below 5 posts were sent to only 50-100 of your newsfeeds.  Did you see them?


ETIQUETTE @ the hairdresser

Do you always go with clean hair to the hairdresser, or wonder if you can take the kids along whilst you have your hair done?  These tips will answer all your questions (and if it doesn’t, what other questions do you have?)





6 tips for asking for a payrise

Everyone is heading back to work and thinking of the year ahead – what a great time to start thinking about a payrise.


astock-footage-a-man-and-woman-shaking-hands-on-blue-sky-background a




Truffle Popcorn

This is such an easy way to impress your friends when they pop in for a wine or you need to take a plate.


final truffle


Organise it – Odd Socks

I probably posted this at the wrong time of the year.. everyone was too busy thinking about getting through the Christmas rush to worry about odd socks.   But with school starting again in a few weeks, this could be the answer to your missing sock problems.


7532103_orig 1


Quick spring declutter

Lots of Christmas gifts cluttering your house.  Now is the perfect time to get rid of the old stuff and make room for the new.  Check out these handy hints that will have you feeling better in 10 mins a day (for 1 week).


final header 2



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