Body by Bex – What’s the best exercise for you?



What’s the best exercise for you……?

Good question! What is?

In my opinion the answer is ‘whatever you enjoy’ and that you can commit to but, with an open mind to always try something (or someone) new.

With so many different gyms, bootcamps, personal trainers, crossfits, health & wellness, spiritual & holistic businesses out there all trying to get the same message across, it’s hard to pin point what is best. I’ve always found that having someone with the same kind of energy & enthusiasm as yourself helps OR if you are lacking in those it’s important to find support, encouragement and trust in whoever & whatever you are going to dedicate your time & money too.

Mixing things up is always good, it challenges you and takes you out of your comfort zone! ( A change is as good as a holiday….. Right!?! )


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If you are struggling to see changes in your body and have been doing the same exercise, routine or workout for some-time maybe it’s time to mix it up. I guarantee with different exercise, energy & encouragement you will see & feel a different you.


FITNESS FACT:   Exercise has been proven to help with depression & anxiety. I’m living proof.  So try to move every day even if it’s a 20 minute walk.

FOOD FACT: Eating extra omega 3 fatty acids can help to relieve depression. Up your intake of oily fish to 2 or 3 portions a week & add some avocados, nuts & seeds to you diet.



“In 2015 hold onto what grows you, inspires you

encourages you, or blesses you.  Let the rest go”

Mandy Hale




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