Making mornings easier – Tip 2

The Mothers Nook.

Our old house, had an amazing little nook, right near the hub of the house (kitchen).  It had a door that shut that hid all the mess, a little magnetic board, a pin board and a drawer. Oh how I miss thee.

Now that I have had it, I can’t live without it – so have set about creating something similar.


The closest spot I could find is a laundry cupboard (thankfully there are lots of them).


What I keep in there:

Box of Envelopes (for sending permission slips/money etc to school)

Cellotape dispenser


School banking books

Pen holder with pens, including a permanent marker (to quickly label clothes)

Name labels

Freezer labels

Note paper and sticky notes

Jar of money (for banking, hot lunches, book club etc)


Takeaway flyers

Battery box  (what is a battery box, see here?)

Mending box (couple of needles and thread for quick repairs)

This list will evolve as your children’s needs change.


unnamed (4)


Again, the key is, this stuff is all very close by.  No more time wasting walking upstairs or to the other end of the house to find an envelope, or name labels.  It’s all together in one place.

As the cupboard is a bit higher than normal, I have grouped some things together in box to make them easier to take out of the cupboard… and no they don’t all match.. but I am going to label them all so I can remember what’s in each one.

..and yes, you may have noticed earlier in the post I mentioned ‘pin board’ and ‘magnetic board’  more on that in another tip as they will not fit inside my new ‘nook’.


*Note this is not an area for paying bills etc, the mail etc is all kept in our study area.



 Did you see Tip 1?  The “go to drawer”?







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