Kids birthday: Turn present time into Treasure Hunt time


In our family, on someones birthday, we usually all get up and have breakfast together (or in bed if its hubby or I) and then we have present time… before getting ready for work or school if it happens to be a weekday.

I decided that I wanted to try and make the kids birthday day a little more exciting for them (as party day very rarely lands on a weekend).. and decided to turn present time into treasure hunt time.

The idea is, rather than sit down and open your presents, you have to follow the clues and hunt for them.  After each clue there is a gift.  Large or small.  We included gifts from family out of town, and simple things like a packet of Pokemon cards here and there to make the treasure hunt last a little longer.

I can’t tell you how excited Zach was, not only in the days leading up to his birthday, and how much more he seem to appreciate each gift as he deciphered the clues.  He had to think, but they were just easy enough.


Here is a sample of our clues:





We started at the front door where we gave him his first clue.   Each gift had an envelope with another gift.

From the front door, the first clue said  “take 3 steps back” (He had to open the front door and go outside).




Where are all the shoes kept?   (There are 3 spots in our house)




We wish you a Merry Christmas (pegged to the Christmas Tree)

Look above the white table  (we had some bunting hanging above the table, and I replaced a flag with a packet of Pokemon cards)

You like to watch it (behind the TV)

Under Rudolph  (we had a couple of Christmas themed hats sitting on the windowsill, one of them was Rudolph themed)

Watch out you will get burnt (1 of 3 fireplaces)

Turn on your DS  (there was a new game inside it)

Something you made that likes to hop  (picture of a Kangaroo)





You get the general idea.  Ella and I went around the house the night before with a list of the gifts, and based on the sizes of the gifts determined where they could hide, and a clue from there.   Ella then went on to type up the clues and number each envelope.

The birthday treasure hunt was so successful, it is now a Hawkins Birthday Tradition.




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