Body by Bex – Don’t have enough time?



Don’t have enough time!?? Feels like there are not enough hours in the day? Yep sounds familiar when it comes to exercise but now is the time to try change this.  With kids back to school why not try a few of the tips below which can help make exercise as normal & as easy as brushing your teeth or taking a shower!

I know how hard it is to fit everything into your day with young children, a home to run, chores to do, kids activities to get to, beds to make, washing, shopping & preparing meals and for many to add-on top of that jobs to go too!  However I know just how important exercise is not only for me but for my children! I’m not only a better parent after I’ve exercised but, my children are growing up watching me and being apart of my bootcamp training therefore from a young age understanding that exercise is normal, fun, and part of a healthy happy lifestyle!


So my top tips if you cant make it to a Bootcamp, gym, exercise class, or even out of the house.


1) download the Tabata Timer App

2) invest in some hand weights, cones, mini ladder, skipping rope & ankle weights (you can get most of these from Kmart for next to nothing)



3) be organised – have your work-out clothes out the night before so you can wake up and get straight into them

4) make a plan – have your work out session planned in advance.  Even if you scribble down a few exercises the night before, that way once your up and ready to go it’s already and waiting for you

Try the set of Tabata below at home, or try write a mini style bootcamp.  Include strength with hand weights or body weight, cardio by skipping or shuttles runs around the yard, timed wall squats or lunges!


Set one:

one leg lunges each leg

tricep dips


unnamed (5)


Set two:

bench push ups

bicep curls/ shoulder press


unnamed (4)


Set three:


one legged step ups

ass to grass squats



FITNESS FACT:   Backward lunges, squats & step ups help reduce cellulite!

FOOD FACT:  Drinking water & dry brushing your body helps with cellulite!


“Don’t just be good to others..

Be good to yourself too”




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