Making mornings easier – Tip #7


Our kids organisation revolves around the school cupboard.

I always dedicate a large cupboard somewhere in the house, preferably near the hub (kitchen) to use as a central organisation space.

I adjust what’s in it depending on the space, and the growing needs of our family.


unnamed (3)d





School bags

School shoes/Trainers/Thongs

School socks/Sports socks

School jumpers/Ties

Extra curricular folders/equipment (where possible)

– Piano folder

– Swimming bag with goggles, cap, towel and swimmers

– Tennis racquet

Library bag

Reader bag

Homework tray (this includes pencils, erasers, glue)

Hat box  (all caps and beanies)

Luke’s Box  (his needs are not great at the moment, so have one box with all his gear in it)



In our current school cupboard, the kids have a couple of shelves each, which keeps us even more organised.


On the bottom we have:




Kids school bags and Luke’s box of ‘stuff’ (backpack, nappies, shoes, hat, wipes, sunscreen)



The middle two shelves belong to Zach;






… and finally, the top two shelves below to Ella;





… and you might even spot a copy of the MEGA CHECKLIST there on the left of the image.  This way the kids can double check they have everything when they pack their bags in the morning.




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