Nourish and Nurture vs Eat less, Exercise more



by Kristina Ambler


So I am imagining if you have read my previous articles you are getting the gist that I am not the kind of  wellness coach who tells you what, and  how much to eat.


For the record I am not bagging out this  approach   I know for sure there is a place for this and it is effective for some people. However if you are like me the minute I am told I can’t do something it gives me more curiosity to give it a go.


Illustration of a monkey looking at the tree



If you tell me not to look at the tree, the first thing I am going to look at is the tree. So if I am told I can’t eat something  all I am going to do is think about what I am not meant to be eating.


I  really do feel there is an abundance of people being missed in this high fact way of living.  This is being proven as we now live in a time where we have so much information at the end of our fingertips and an inundation of diets and food fads across all forms of media,  and still  studies and our own eyes are proving that  people’s waistlines and other health issues are on a major rise.


All of this is leaving a lot of people  feeling un-empowered and overloaded.


unnamed (4)ab

Now think about it what  comes with the feeling of overload,  the sense of heaviness, the feeling of being stuck and the inability to move forward.  Not a good place to be working from.


This is where I come in.  I tried to break it all down. Lighten your load you might say.   What works for one person on any given day is not going to work for another.  Let’s face it, how I feel can change in any given moment .  l help my clients feel empowered and  life from this space flows better and the good thing is  when we are in flow we ultimately reach for the better choice anyway.




I will leave you with one of the biggest myths still getting far too much airtime for my liking.

Eat less exercise more.


I know this sounds spot on although it is lacking in so many ways.

This formula  has failed us over and over and if it was going to have worked it would have done so by now.

It slows down our metabolism and the so-called rewards are short lived. This approach is appealing to us as we are conditioned to want to see results quickly.  NB 95% of people regain the weight or more within 1-5 years.   However I am here to inform you  that you are a beautiful work in progress and are worth more than a quick fix.


unnamed (4)a


Nourish and nurture.  Work with yourself, not against.  You won’t be sorry.



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