Body by Bex – Intimidation… do you or are you?



Intimidation….. Do you or are you?

So how many of you haven’t attend a gym, bootcamp or training session because of that intimidating feeling of being THE new person & not knowing what you’re doing, or feeling you are not as fit as everyone else or even not fit enough to go to the gym?  I get it….. I, like many people (even now) can feel intimidated with gyms or even doing something new when it comes to fitness.

I’ve even been told I can be intimidating when training hard…. so what is it that has people so intimidated by fitness professionals & gyms?

Gyms can be overwhelming – they are often big, normally lots of weird looking machines and heaps of people looking like they know what they are doing… and then there’s you!  No idea where to start or what to do! Quick run on the running machine (easiest machine you could find) then hit the showers.

Trainers – often they look very fit & have muscles.  Make lots of noise whilst training and wear training gear that can be overwhelming in itself.

But listen up… Most of us will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and love nothing more than a new client to inspire and support!

Try training in smaller gyms or even outside with a trainer first.  Or get a member of staff to show you around the gym and show you how machines work.  Take a friend along so you can support each other.

Change your thinking also….. I promise you most people in gyms, bootcamps, crossfits, etc will be thinking “awesome and good on you” over anything else you think people would be thinking……so try to remember that.


foot image
Fitness Fact:  Doing something is better than nothing!!!

Food Fact:  3 foods to eat before you train, Banana, Whole grain bread, Trail mix.



“A year from now you’ll wish you started today”




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