Discovering Sydney


I am having a wonderful time slowly discovering what Sydney has to offer our family.

Last week, I was able to walk down to the beautiful Balmoral Beach with Ella and Zach and go climbing around the rocks to the next beach.  It brought back so many childhood memories… I was so excited to share this will them, and that we can do it whenever we want.  Balmoral beach, despite its expensive parking, and busy weekends, is somewhere I just love now (and I’m usually a coastal beach kind of girl).  It has so much to offer.  We can paddle board, or canoe, or jump off the jetty, or dine over the water, relax on the beach, walk around the rocks, scoot along the esplanade or just ‘be’ on the beach.. this is the life I want for my kids.


unnamed (2)


Unfortunately, after such an amazing start to the day, our adults only great discovery – Dinner at the Shangrai-la was memorable, but not for the right reasons.

We had been recommended the restaurant for its stunning views of Sydney, and great degustation menu.  Apparently its pretty impossible to get a reservation, so we thought it must be pretty special.    Firstly, the ambience was terrible, lights too bright, and well I think chair covers (un-ironed at that) went out of vogue 20 years ago.  The view was amazing, if you had a window seat, and 80% of the restaurant didn’t.  The food was sparse and quite easily the worse meal I have had in a long time.

So if you have been thinking about going to the Shangri-la for a special night out – don’t bother.

Have you had a similar experience, or maybe a good experience there?


I think next time, I might just grab some fish  and chips and bottle of wine and sit on the shores of Balmoral beach!




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