Style it – Get to know your shape (& love it)


By stylist –  Nat Baker


As a woman it’s really important to understand your shape & know what flatters your body. This will definitely make it quicker & easier to shop for clothes … something that is important if we are busy with kids, work, family etc.
Everyone has an area of their body that they are not 100% happy with, but try to “play down” those areas and re-direct the focus to an area of your body that you are ok with. 
  • For a curvy tummy, try drawing attention to your fuller bust or legs
  • For a small bust, choose higher necklines with detail around shoulders to bring the focus to your lovely smile
  • For fuller hips and thighs try to move focus upwards by emphasising your gorgeous decolletage

Most woman fall into the 5 basic body shapes listed below – 


unnamed (4)


Shoulders & hips mostly in proportion with a defined waist



– A balance of fitted/semi-fitted styles (eg. fitted tops with loose pants or slim jeans or pencil skirts with looser tops)

– Fitted or tailored tops in soft fabrics that define waist
– Lower necklines such as scoop, v-neck, crossover or sweetheart styles

– Retro style dresses with fitted bodices


– Baggy or boxy tops, babydoll tops
– Shift dresses or shapeless dresses
– Baggy pants





Curvier hips,  thighs and bottom with a smaller bust/shoulders


– Styles that bring attention to face, neck & shoulders w shoulder detail, ruffles, cap sleeves and longer blazer style jackets
– Straight pants and A-line skirts/dresses that streamline the bottom half
– Lighter colour/pattern on top half of body
– Darker colour/muted prints on lower half of body
– Higher necklines such as crew, cowl or boat necks


– Very skinny jeans/pants in light colours or unsupportive fabrics
– Cropped jackets
– Horizontal stripes on bottom half


unnamed (1)


Curvier tummy & midsection with long straight arms/legs
– Longer line tops or shift dresses that add length to the midsection in non-stretch fabrics
– Darker colour/muted pattern over midsection
– Light colour/pattern on bottom half
– Flat-front waistbands on jeans, pants & skirts
– Lower necklines such as v-neck, crossover or sweetheart styles


– Tucking tops in & using thick belts
– Tight, stretchy light coloured fabrics over tummy


unnamed (2)


Angular physique w boyish shape
– Tops with horizontal stripes or other pattern to create the idea of curves
– A mixture of colours and textures eg, soft print pants or pleated skirts
– Soft, floaty fabrics and feminine detailing
– Elastic waist/soft-belted dresses
– Asymmetrical necklines/hems and peplums to create interest


– Vertical stripes
– Pencil straight dresses


 unnamed (3)


Broad Shoulders and/or a fuller bust with slim hips
– Vertical detailing on top half
– V-Necks, crossover & sweetheart neckline styles
– Supportive/well-fitting bras
– Tops with defined waistlines that skim the body
– A-line skirts and light coloured bottoms/jeans


– Empire-line, A-line tops or tops with ruffles over bust
– Shoulder pants
– Skinny black jeans



Who is Nat Baker?  


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