Organise it – Secret girls business

Wink wink, nudge nudge.  With puberty fast approaching for my daughter, I have been meaning to sort out a ‘special pencil case’ for Ella to keep in her school bag, just incase she gets her first period at school.

I had heard about ‘starter packs’ sometime ago, and went to several pharmacies in Melbourne, but couldn’t get my hands on one.


unnamed (2)


Persistance pays off though and I recently found a “Carefree” one in an IGA, and although it comes in its own cute purse, Ella still wants to use a pencil case, as she thinks it will be more discreet.  So we will use the starter pack case to store everything at home, but have created a pencil case for when she is on the go. This is what was included in the starter pack:

A selection of pads, tampons, oil free facial wash, purse and information booklet.





Some of the items in the kit are for use at home, so this is how we put together the “special pencil-case”:


  • Pencil case
  • Old underwear in plastic bag
  • Wipes in plastic bag
  • 1x  Active fresh liner
  • 2x  Regular ultra thin pads
  • 1x chewable paracetamol



unnamed (1)


(ok mums who have been through this already, is there anything else I should include?)


Most importantly, don’t forget to discuss with your daughter what she should do if she gets her period when you are not around.  Don’t assume she will know what everything is for, or to put her dirty underwear into a plastic bag.

Don’t forget to celebrate this special milestone with your daughter (even if you are quietly dying inside).

I also came across this good website by Libra aimed at newbies, which Ella is signing up to.












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