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Tell us about you? 

My name is Lisa Turnbull I am a naturopath, psychotherapist, meditation teacher and women wellness specialist. I am a co-owner of Sana Wellness Centre, a multi-disciplinary centre located on the Central Coast of NSW and also the director and primary retreat facilitator for Women’s Wellness Retreats, an international travel and retreat organisation that provides integrated and holistic wellness retreats.


How did you end up in this field?

I have been passionate about health and wellness from a very young age and started studying to be a Naturopath when I was 18. Since then I have studied and practised in various areas of health supporting people with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

After travelling extensively I realised how soul stirring, heart opening and life changing travelling can be so I decided to combine my love of travel with my passion for supporting women to embrace a more holistic approach to their well-being. I started ‘Women’s Wellness Retreats’ a company that was inspired by my desire to support women to reconnect with themselves and improve their health whilst embracing new cultures and experiences.   I love that a well organised retreat can create the opportunity for women to take time out and un-plug from their busy, overcommitted, responsible lives and support them to relax, revive, learn more about their health, have fun and reconnect them with their passion for life!


Under a waterfall in Bali


Do you have an interesting work experience?

One of the most interesting experiences I have found myself in during my career was working for Ronnie Wood (from the Rolling Stones) as a health advisor at his private club in London. It was a very interesting building (a wellness centre with an adjoining bar) that attracted even more interesting clients. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people during my time there and the experience really taught me that regardless of our life circumstances there is always a need to care for ourselves and our physical and emotional health.


What’s next for you and Sana Wellness?

As a mum of two, on-going student, practising therapist and facilitator, business woman and avid traveller, my goal moving forward is to continue to enjoy my work and play. I am fortunate to have a career that I really love and find meaningful. I hope to be able to continue to grow my business and add additional retreat locations to my itinerary so that more women can enjoy the ‘retreat experience’ of immersing themselves in a beautiful natural setting whilst receiving support to reconnect with their minds, bodies and spirit.


My children and I (my favourite role – mummy!)


Best organising tip?

As I spend a fair bit of time travelling my best organising tip for travel is to try and keep the stress levels down. Travelling is supposed to be an adventure so I always want to enjoy the experience but flying, navigating airports and being on a plane for long periods of time can be exhausting. Packing healthy light snacks, taking some herbs that support the body while travelling like a good nervous system tonic, drinking lots of water and getting a good night’s sleep before the day of a flight all help me to feel like I am prepared for the exciting new journey that lays ahead.





M: 0417 541 838

E: lisa@lisaturnbull.com.au









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